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JePPIX will provide the best suitable solution based on your application needs

The MPW checklist will guide you through the design flow and help you determine when and how to get the support you need.

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How to Get started:

1. Choose the Foundry

Check and choose the Foundry that satisfies your demands. Technical performance of our Foundries is summarized in the Performance Summary table.

In addition, please check our Technology dedicated section:

2. Choose Suppliers

Check JePPIX Offer and Prices section and choose your Suppliers:

  • Foundries: InP, IMOS Nanophotonics and Triplex technologies with unique performance
  • Software: Simulation and Design Layout tools with proven experience in Photonics
  • Design Service and Support: Expert design and full layout services to embed your optical system into a PIC, or design support for your own circuits, to drastically reduce the probability of mistakes and optimize your own layout.
  • Building Blocks: Custom Building blocks which are not available in the standard PDK are designed especially for your application needs
  • Packaging: standard and custom packaging solutions are available for your prototype
  • Test and Characterisation: electrical and optical measurements of your proof of concept

3. MPW Run

Check MPW Run Schedule and choose an MPW run with one of our Foundries.

The main dates are:

  • Submission deadline: circuit design should be ready for submission by this date
  • Mask tape-out date: the fabrication is starting with the mask assembly
  • Delivery date: fabrication is ended, your cell will be dispatched soon after this date

4. Apply for an MPW Run

This can be done through the MPW Application form. Follow the instructions inside.

Once your application form is submitted, you will receive an NDA (should be duly signed by the responsible person in your organisation), End-Use Statement (if applicable) and our Formal quotation.

NDA in force grants the access to Foundry Design Manual and PDK (check JePPIX Offer and Prices).

5. Send us your Purchase Order

Your order will be acknowledged and followed by an invoice. All requested services will be enabled.

6. Design Submission

This is done through our MPW server.

MPW server is an infrastructure that guarantees the revision control and secure upload of your design (encrypted file exchange) and allows for easy updates from the Foundry throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Once the design is accepted by Foundry, the fabrication process starts.
Updates on production status are regularly available on our MPW server.


Should you still have questions, please never hesitate to contact us:

Ordering your own chips

JePPIX offers one-stop technology access for InP and Triplex integrated photonics.

Its offer covers the entire supply chain: Foundry, Software, Custom Building blocks, Design Support, Testing and Packaging.

Direct link to latest MPW schedules:

Apply for an MPW run through an MPW Application form.

Design submission is done through our MPW server that offers encryption.
The instructions are available in MPW server section.