Training Scheme

More Details About JePPIX Training Schemes

The generic integration methodology allows design to be separated from technology. Engineers, researchers and scientists from many different backgrounds are able to create their own designs without needing to know the details of the physical principles of photonic processes, clean room technology, or assembly technology.


Some insight into the process of chip production can however be valuable when designers wish to get the most out of generic processes. JePPIX offers training events at several levels:

  • JePPIX PIC Design Course: Every year in early November, this 2-week flagship immersion course is held at Eindhoven for designers who have a good background in photonics who wish to understand how to get the best out of design tools and the PIC technology. Experts from the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI) are joined by industry professionals to share insights and know-how. Participants gain first-hand cleanroom experience and a detailed insight into the steps in designing and creating PICs.
  • JePPIX Industry Training: This 2-day program was developed by extracting key modules from our annual PIC Design Course that were of particular interest for industry professionals. This program is typically organized twice per year. It is more focused on PIC design methods and does not include hands-on training.
  • Forums: Forums and workshops are events where the commercial possibilities, success stories and the latest PIC capabilities are highlighted. These include opportunities to network with the JePPIX community.

Our 10-day PIC design training event is held annually on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology. This is the NanoLab.

Hands on practical training at the Jeppix PIC Design Course in November 2016

The 2-week JePPIX PIC Design Course offers in-depth insights into active and passive component design, design tools and best design practice. In addition, insights into the clean room process technologies, epitaxy, packaging and prototyping are given by international experts in their respective fields. Hands-on activities are part of the course to enable designers to get started with their own designs before completing the course. JePPIX software partners offer dedicated training sessions with their own software tools. Selected materials from this intensive course are also used in the shorter format courses at locations around the world.

Hundreds of designers have already followed these in-depth JePPIX training events.