My PIC Design Course experience | Martin Hauer

Every year in late October/early November, our two-week Deep Dive PIC Design Course takes place in Eindhoven. The participants, engineers and scientists with a background in photonics, learn how to get the best out of PIC technology and circuit design using the powerful JePPIX building blocks. In this testimonial series, previous participants tell us about their experience. This time it’s the experience of Martin Hauer, Developer and Manager Photonics at KEEQuant. 

“With six years of experience in laser optics and optics design (raytracing), I joined the young start-up KEEQuant in July 2021 as the first technically oriented employee. KEEQuant is working to secure European infrastructure through quantum cryptography (QKD). With KEEQuant’s core ideas, QKD has the potential to be fully integrated because it is no longer based on individual photons, allowing all expensive optics hardware to be fully integrated on a single photonic circuit. I was eager to take on this challenge and have already designed my first designs for MPWs. However, I wanted to improve my understanding of photonic integration, which led me to the JePPIX PIC Design Course 2022.

Although the course lasted two weeks, it passed quickly and many topics, such as an overview of software options, can only be addressed briefly. I particularly appreciated the focus on the physical foundations of the technology on both the production and component sides. These are very important basics that have answered many of my open questions, but also laid an important foundation for my everyday professional life. The instructors were not only highly knowledgeable and engaging, but you were also able to feel their passion for the technology.  This leads me to the highlight of the course: the many conversations with other participants and the JePPIX team, from which very good and important contacts but also ideas have emerged. Without such an inspiring environment, this would not have been possible.

The framework program was also excellently organized and supervised, including creative icebreakers for the first memorable evenings – I will not reveal more. Overall, the course was a well-rounded success that conveyed much more than just knowledge. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in photonic integration, especially with indium phosphide.”

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