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Services included in SMART Photonics’ MPW runs:
▪ Initial design support
▪ Design rule check
▪ Wafer processing
▪ Wafer probing
▪ Wafer Verification document (sent with the delivery of the chips)
▪ AR coating on both facets
▪ Dicing into separate user chips
▪ If available, mechanical grade chips will be included in the delivery


Terms of delivery: FCA, Incoterms2020

Optional: DAP, Incoterms 2020, delivery to your address including insurance


Within EU € 129,- € 146,- € 192,-
Outside EU € 232,- € 249,- € 295,-

All prices excluding VAT

Terms and Conditions

SMART Photonics MPW services are subject to our General Terms and Conditions –

If necessary, SMART Photonics will provide up to 2 hours of design support to you. Should you require more support, we can bring you into contact with a specialized design house to help you improve your design. After the design submission deadline, SMART Photonics will check your design against its design rules and provide you the chance to correct design rule violations twice in the 2 weeks before the tape out date.

You will be responsible for delivering an error-free design in accordance with the SMART Photonics design manual version 1.1. In case your final design does not comply with this, we will reserve the right to cancel your participation in the MPW run without restitution of the first invoice. Technical design support, design rule error checking and mask compilation is performed by SMART Photonics. Design rule checking does not imply that the foundry guarantees an error-free design.

SMART Photonics disclaims any warranty regarding the correct and proper performance of your design. For this prototyping service, SMART Photonics does neither warrant that the fabricated design will meet user requirements nor that the operation of the fabricated design will be error-free.
SMART Photonics will assess the quality of the MPW run by testing functionality of the building blocks, followed by a basic visual inspection of the chips.

Testing the functionality of the building blocks is performed by measuring test chips which are randomly placed on the wafer. These test chips contain all building blocks. The measurement data from the test chips will be shown in our Wafer Verification Document and provided upon the delivery of the chips. This process is called Process Control Module (PCM) characterization.

As part of the visual inspection service, chips with observed imperfections that are judged to affect circuit integrity will be rejected and excluded from delivery (e.g, interrupted waveguides and metal). Chips with cosmetic imperfections that cannot be linked to known defects are accepted for delivery. SMART Photonics cannot warrant the performance, nor guarantee delivered chips will not contain any visual imperfections; however, we will ensure to solve undesired outcomes under reasonable business endeavors.

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