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Fraunhofer HHI has developed PIConnect, a new PIC evaluation setup with integrated laser drivers, current and voltage sources.

The system enables parallel operation of the building blocks and, thus, convenient evaluation of PICs. A mainboard with 8 current sources, 8 voltage sources, 4 laser drivers and a temperature controller is combined with a microcontroller board and a temperature controllable PIC Board. This evaluation setup simplifies the handling and characterization of PICs and lowers financial investment at an exploration stage.

TypeProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
PIConnectMainboard75008 current and 8 voltage sources, 4 laser drivers and 1 temperature controller with GUI plus 12V/4.5A power supply and 5 m Ethernet cable
PIConnectPIC Assembly SS5000Temperature controllable PIC Assembly of one chip with one PIC Board (50 bond pads on PIC’s south side accessible) plus one ZIF cable, one ribbon cable and one adapter board
PIConnectPIC Assembly DS6000Temperature controllable PIC Assembly of one chip with two PIC Boards (50 bond pads on PIC’s north and south side accessible each) plus two ZIF cables, two ribbon cables and two adapter boards

More information is available in the Design Manual. Contact us about it.

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