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PICWave is a photonic circuit (PIC) design tool which brings together:

  • an advanced laser diode and SOA model,

  • a powerful photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design and simulation tool,

  • a flexible design flow environment.

The combination of the laser diode and photonic integrated circuit design capability allows you to characteriseany laser diode geometry and model photonic circuits that include both passive and active components. 

As a design flow tool, PICWave allows you to design PICs using pre-defined design kits provided by our industrial partners. Once your circuit is assembled you can simulate it in PICWave before submitting it to the fab for manufacture.

Calculation method

The calculation engine of PICWave is based on a powerful and flexible time-domain travelling wave (TDTW) model, from which almost all other results are derived.


A PICWave device can consist of any number of passive elements like waveguides, Y-junctions, directional couplers, mirrors, plus active components like an SOA or an electro-absorption modulator. LRC electrical circuits can then be connected to drive the circuit. PICWave’ s active device model provides come of the most sophisticated features on the market today

Design Integration

PICWave is closely integrated with other models for quantum-well modelling and with EM simulators for detailed modelling of the passive components. In addition its design kit system allows your designs to be readily exported to a compatible fab

Additional product Specification

PICWave Brochure

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PicWavePicWave DKE630One-time intro offer. The bundle license validity is 3 months
PicWavePicWave DKE standard1600The bundle license validity is 3 months