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IPKISS.flow is a scripting environment that covers the complete photonic IC design flow up to measurement feedback for true component validation. The components rely on a single, centrally defined model for a smooth transition between the different design stages such as layout and circuit simulation This makes the design flow robust -“What you layout is what you calculate”-, will reduce design errors and will save considerable design time.

Main features of IPKISS.flow

  • Complete design framework: component layout, component simulation, circuit layout and circuit simulation

  • State of the art specialised validated component library: adaptable to different fab technologies, leveraging on years of design experience

  • Growing number of commercial and re- search PDKs

  • Versatile Python scripting for easy integration and customisation permitting the integration of existing third-party and proprietary tools within your organisation

  • Centralised data management: robust, time saving and error reducing

  • Validated with over 400 designs

  • Commercial level support


IPKISS.flow brochure

Quality control systems 


Customers with a current support contract will receive regular product updates and bug fixes and have access to our hotline support services including telephone, web and email support. Contact Luceda at support@lucedaphotonics.com or telephone access Mo-Fri (9am-5pm GMT+1): +32 (0) 52 339 838

ProductProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
LUCEDA IPKISSIPKISS-IND3000LUCEDA IPKISS for Commercial Organisations: 3 months license is valid only for the first tape-out
LUCEDA IPKISSIPKISS-RSCH1400LUCEDA IPKISS for Research Institutes: 3 months license valid only for the first tape-out
LUCEDA IPKISSIPKISS-UNI1400LUCEDA IPKISS for Universities: 1 year license is available under conditions of a proper reference to IPKISS in the publications

* This includes customer support for all three options.