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Bright Photonics develops and designs application-specific photonics ICs (ASPICs). The Design House supplies tested prototypes based on customer specifications and ready for system testing. In other cases we co-develop new applications, up to product lines, in close cooperation with long-term customers.

Options for obtaining ASPICs are custom foundries or multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttle runs. The latter reduces prototyping cost by an order of magnitude. Early on in the design phase we take into account packaging options and ramp up needs where applicable. BRIGHT photonics derisks and speeds up your PIC projects. We provide tailored solutions for successful ASPIC integration into your application.

Building Blocks for PIC designers
Building Blocks (BB) beyond standard libraries of MPW platforms can boost your PIC performance. Sometimes these BBs or IP-Blocks are even essential for specific PIC functionality. BRIGHT Photonics offers a wealth of BBs for your design project, which minimizes risk, speeds up design, and reduces development cost:

  • MPW compatible design modules
  • Validated Bright BB libraries
  • Custom Bright BBs
SupportProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
Custom DesignBP-CUSTOMstarting at 5000Designs are always tailored to your application needs. Prices based on functional elements rather than cell size.
Mask ReviewBP-MASK495Mask review in Nazca
Layout SupportBP-LAYOUT1595Layout support in Nazca

For custom design contact: info@BrightPhotonics.eu

The BrightAWG design module is one from a series of BrightModules. The BrightAWG generates foundry compatible de-multiplex and filtering building blocks. Beginner or expert, in minutes you design and simulate AWG (arrayed waveguide gratings) layouts based on optical specifications, e.g. wavelength and channel spacing. Tested on 10+ foundries in InP and many other technologies. Highly customizable across foundries and processes. Examples of other modules are BrightMMI, BrightTaper and BrightInterconnect.

    ProductProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
    AWG BBBP-AWG-MOD750Custom AWG Building Block on any JePPIX platform
    MMI BBBP-MMI-MOD450Custom MMI Building Block on any JePPIX platform

    For custom design contact: info@BrightPhotonics.eu