Photonics Pilot Lines
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LYTEUS (coordinated by the Holst Centre, originally known as PI-SCALE) offers world class capability in pilot production services for customised flexible OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes).  The technology provides large area, energy-efficient light sources that are ultra-thin, flexible and lightweight.  These can be made or cut to any shape or size allowing new opportunities to create high value-added products in numerous application areas, ranging from architectural lighting and automotive to aerospace and consumer electronics. Lyteus enables companies to quickly and cost effectively test and scale up their flexible OLED lighting concepts and turn them into market ready products.


MIRPHAB (coordinated by CEA-LETI) offers prototyping and production of innovative sources and sensors in the mid-IR range, for the detection of chemicals in gas, liquid, and solid media. The MIRPHAB platform is based on miniaturized laser systems and will allow the manufacturing of compact, low cost and low power consumption sensing devices, which can be used for safety, security and environmental applications. The industry partners involved in MIRPHAB are committed to deploy new products swiftly in the market and achieve prompt take-up in the environmental and chemical sensing areas.