PhotonFirst creates Modular Photonics Platform with chips from JePPIX Pilot Line

Photonic integration is essential in realizing our digital future: light-speed, super-efficient, precise and compact. The JePPIX Pilot Line enables fabless businesses to bring their Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC)-based product to market fast and cost effective. We bridge the gap from prototype to PIC production by facilitating an open-access foundry model.

The possibilities of PICs are many. PhotonFirst, the global innovation leader in integrated photonics sensing, collaborated with partners of the JePPIX Pilot Line to design and fabricate indium phosphide optical chips for their Modular Photonics Platform. With standardized building blocks, this platform allows PhotonFirst to configure a dedicated sensing solution for each customer without developing the system completely from scratch. With a wide range of combinations, this covers the vast majority of customer requirements and lowers the threshold of using integrated photonics for measurement and data generation substantially.

PhotonFirst’s customers are active in various fields of applications, including aerospace, mobility, and medical. One of their customers is Royal NLR – the Netherlands Aerospace Center. In their lab facilities, the Modular Photonics Platform is used in experiments to measure the strain on airplane parts. The measurement data generated by the optical chips of the JePPIX Pilot Line allows Royal NLR to continuously achieve higher demands for their aerospace applications.

The next steps of the Modular Photonics Platform are miniaturization and greater manufacturability. Nick Singh, CTO of PhotonFirst, says: “Our ongoing cooperation with the partners in the JePPIX Pilot Line and our customers will enable us to make high-quality chip-based sensing more accessible in the next few years. Together, we are committed to driving the industrialization and use of high-performance indium phosphide Photonic Integrated Circuits.” 

Check out the video below to find out more about the Modular Photonics Platform!

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