Test and characterization
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Test and Characterization

This section is dedicated to testing and characterization.

All indicated prices exclude VAT (Value-added-tax).


VLC Photonics is an independent design house providing photonic integration services. VLC Photonics expertise has been validated over +10 years working with large corporations and small start-ups or researchers, and our large network of foundry partners allow us to always target the most optimal technology.

TypeProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
CharacterisationVLC-CHAstarting at 2000VLC will characterize the fabricated photonic integrated circuit, by performing electrical and optical measurements of both building blocks and circuits, ideally supported by test structures. Characterization includes optical and electrical testing of builidng blocks and, when possible, circuit level measurements. A full characterization report will be provided afterwards in electronic pdf format. Prices depend on the number of dies to be measured, the number of structures per die, and the type of measurements for each structure.
– 25% academic discount is available for Universities at the condition of acknoledgement of VLC Photonics in scientific publications


Since 1 January 2021, Technobis IPS continues its operations as PhotonFirst (www.photonfirst.com). More information about their offer is coming soon.