JePPIX welcomes two new partners: PICadvanced and LIGENTEC

It is only January but 2024 already marks a year of growth for JePPIX. We welcome two new partners: PIC packaging supplier PICadvanced and PIC manufacturer LIGENTEC. This step will be the first of several steps we plan to take in order to expand the JePPIX ecosystem and increase its resilience.

Founded in 2014 and based in Portugal, PICadvanced has been developing disruptive and unique solutions for the telecommunications market through its multidisciplinary team. The company offers design, development and testing services, as well as unique and innovative techniques for advanced packaging of photonic chips. Their packaging solutions can be delivered at housing or transceiver level. PICadvanced’s proprietary packaging platform, which has a high degree of freedom for optical, electrical alignment, and thermal management, means they can adapt a custom solution to a wide variety of PIC designs and applications, enabling businesses to thrive in the opto-electronic market.

According to CEO Francisco Rodrigues, it is a natural step to join JePPIX for two reasons: “On the one hand, we want to develop the PIC ecosystem in Europe and put our packaging and testing platforms at its disposition. On the other hand, we have been users of JePPIX’ MPW services for around ten years and we want to share the accumulated knowledge by being part of a network that is fostering PIC technologies. Through our packaging platform, the users will take advantage of the different packaging pillars (optical and electrical I/O, thermal, etc.) and will realize the easy way it adapts to different designs.”

LIGENTEC is a B2B company manufacturing Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for customers in high-tech areas such as communication on ground and space, Quantum technologies, LiDAR and Biosensors. LIGENTEC provides open access to its modular all-nitride (AN) technology. With their low loss offering of PICs with active components, the company enables customers to develop their products in the industrial revolution 4.0.  In partnership with JePPIX, they are well-equipped to supply large-scale markets and ensure efficient and effective delivery of their innovative solutions.

Michael Geiselmann, Co-Founder and CCO of LIGENTEC, says: “We are delighted to announce our membership in the esteemed JePPIX network. We eagerly anticipate deepening our collaboration within this consortium alongside our esteemed JePPIX partners, many of whom we have already enjoyed enduring partnerships with. Our primary focus lies in combining our cutting-edge low-loss silicon nitride technology with active components through hybrid integration. Our paramount objective is to seamlessly transition this comprehensive offering from prototype to volume stage. Within this consortium, we are looking forward to embark on a journey of unlocking unprecedented frontiers, accelerating the pace of innovation, and adeptly catering to the evolving needs of our existing and new customers.”


Curious how you can benefit from the offers of PICadvanced and LIGENTEC? Check out PICadvanced’s packaging capabilities here and take a look at LIGENTEC’s MPW services here.