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The JePPIX Pilot Line accelerates the development cycle by bringing the right skills together in a managed program. Project management, design services, foundry production, test services, and root cause analysis are provided within two frameworks:

Chip-shop service: The developer takes the Project Management role, and directly contracts with the foundry, and any other services they may need. Experienced developers who have already taken a circuit design to production may have much of the required know-how in-house. The foundry will appoint an Account Manager to manage the cooperation between the developer and the foundry team.

Turn-key service: The developer contracts with one prime contractor. The prime contractor appoints an Account Manager who will co-defines the development plan with the developer, bringing in any necessary expertise for design, fabrication, or test as is required. This will be managed by the prime contractor. This way of working may be better suited to businesses without deep technology insights into circuit design and production.

Account Managers are available at the partner organisations. Developers are encouraged to reach out directly. For supplier-independent advice, don’t hesitate to contact