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JePPIX foundries offer robust and reproducible fabrication of customized PICs cut into dies. Fabrication is done via dedicated wafer runs for design iteration and advanced prototyping, and for low volume commercial production. Foundries offer flexible scheduling and predictable throughput times for the creation of your PICs.

More details about the foundries’ offer in the JePPIX Pilot Line can be found in the table below.

SMART PhotonicsFranhofer HHI
PDKManufacturing grade PDKManufacturing grade PDK
ProductFull or cleaved 3” wafers
Design area: maximum 18x18 mm2
Full or cleaved and coated 3” wafers
Design area: 2300 mm2
Supported SoftwareNazca, Synopsys, VPIphotonics,
Luceda Photonics, Lumerical, Photon Design, Mentor Graphics
Nazca, VPIphotonics, Photon Design, Synopsys
Acceptance criteria by CustomerBB level tolerancesBB level tolerances
Min. order QuantityBatch of 2 wafersBatch of 2 wafers
Interoperability with Packaging templatesYesYes

Fraunhofer HHI offers C-band and O-band as central wavelength, while SMART Photonics offers C-band and L-band. Building block specifications can be found in the performance summary table here.

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