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InP PICs for Coherent Communication

Coherent optical communication supports higher data rates through fiber optic cables by not only encoding information in the amplitude of the optical signal but also in its phase and polarization. Driven by the exponential growth in demanded network capacity, on the one hand, and technological advancement in laser and integrated photonics technology and maturity on the other, coherent communication is gaining traction.

Widely-Tunable Integrated InP Lasers

Widely-tunable lasers can find application in a large variety of tasks including sensing, communication technologies and beam steering. Integrated indium phosphide (InP) technology can cater to these applications with widely-tunable laser sources and additional functions integrated on a single chip.

PIC Evaluation with PIConnect

Fraunhofer HHI has developed PIConnect: a new PIC evaluation setup with integrated laser drivers, current and voltage sources. This evaluation setup simplifies the handling and characterization of PICs and lowers financial investment at an exploration stage.

Photonic Packaging of InP PICs

Photonics packaging covers the optical, electronic, and thermal coupling of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) to the outside world resorting to a suitable mechanical solution. The procedures associated with packaging of photonic devices are often underestimated and remain technically challenging.