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The automotive world is integrating more and more photonics-based technologies. Indium Phosphide PIC technology is a key enabler for traffic safety and driver assistance. Specifically, LIDARs are interesting PIC applications and used for advanced systems (ADAS) and in autonomous driving as they provide a better resolution than radar.
LIDAR applications

A LIDAR based on PICs provide both range and velocity measurements. Coherent detection allows for highly sensitive measurements, with high dynamic range. JePPIX offers optical front-end modules and key components for coherent solid-state LIDARs in decision support and autonomous control systems.

Unleashing PIC technology

JePPIX Pilot Line is dedicated to support users from the automotive industry with mature, fast-turnaround predictable, high performance Indium Phosphide PICs and to bring your prototype to volume production. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.