JePPIX Investor Session with Steve Frisken

JePPIX Investor Session with Steve Frisken, CEO at CYLITE

Europe is home to 5,000 photonic companies, many of which will require funding at some point in time. Dr. Steve Frisken, CEO at Cylite is a self-described inventor and accidental entrepreneur.

“You think about how your start-up will change the world, but the start-up will change you too.”

– Dr. Steve Frisken

In this video, he shares his vast 30-year experience in the optics industry in a new Investor Session sponsored by the JePPIX InPulse Pilot Line and EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium). He discusses how to find and choose investors wisely, and what pitfalls to avoid when raising capital for young companies in photonics.