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JePPIX partners are actively engaged in the ACTPHAST programs which provide additional support for photonic innovators, from companies through to doctoral researchers across a broad range of application domains.


ACTPHAST (coordinated by Vrije Universiteit Brussel) is a key part of the European photonics-ecosystem and is complementary to the work of the pilot-lines. ACTPHAST reaches out to SMEs and provides photonics and non-photonics companies and researchers with one-stop-shop access to a wide range of cutting-edge photonics technology platforms from Europe’s top research centres.  The ACTPHAST network offers a single streamlined way to access 200 of Europe’s experts and technologies from 24 of Europe’s leading photonics research institutes. This provides structured, user-driven projects to develop PIC prototypes with expert advice and assistance. The initiative has recently been extended to include proof-of-concept prototyping for researchers.


ACTPHAST 4.0: Accelerating photonics innovation for SME’s: a one stop-shop-incubator supporting photonics innovation by European companies. JePPIX foundries Smart, HHI and Lionix are all able to offer their silicon nitride and indium phosphide platform technologies. Additionally technology comparisons as well as design, test and/or packaging services can also be included in expert-lead, tailor-made projects. JePPIX partners include a number of accredited technology scouts, and JePPIX can also connect potential users to the wider range of photonics technologies and associated expertise offered in the ACTPHAST portfolio. Direct registration is possible here.

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ACTPHAST 4R: Innovation for researchers

ACTPHAST 4R has just been launched to target the transition from concept to first prototype. The acronym stands for accelerating photonics deployment via one-stop-shop advanced technology access for researchers enables researchers in Europe to demonstrate their conceptual breakthroughs. 

Innovation projects, internships, trainings and business coaching are offered to facilitate innovation breakthoughs and identify pathways to scaling and deployment. Direct registration is possible here.

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You can also register with JePPIX to be kept up to date on possibilities.


The manufacturing pilot lines are actively reaching out to businesses that wish to incorporate PIC technologies in their own products for cost and performance advantage. They are specifically addressing the industrialisation aspects to ensure a robust route to manufacture.
Photo by Florian Lemaitre

Example photonic integrated circuits produced on the indium phosphide platform for sensing and communications applications

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If you want to learn more on the move beyond first prototypes and towards manufacturing, please contact us.

Further information on European Manufacturing Pilot Lines can be found here:

Werner Steinhogl’s ‘More Photonic Pilot-Lines  for Europe!’’