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Review the technical specifications. If your needs are not addressed, get in touch on

Review the terms and conditions for JePPIX MPW services. The MPW design area is 5×5 mm2 and five singulated copies are provided. A design on a shuttle run is priced at 20k euro exclusive VAT. An academic collaboration rate at 10k euro is also possible.

Apply for an MPW position through the MPW application form.

You will receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement and an End-Use statement to sign and a formal quotation.

On receipt of the necessary paperwork, the Design Manual and PDK are released.

The workflow is managed through the JePPIX digital platform – the MPW server – for validated PDKs and secure design file exchange.

The MPW run schedule is currently limited to tape-ins on 15 January 2023 and 15 January 2024. The final design review is completed within two weeks of the tape-in date.

Should any questions arise, reach us at