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LioniX International is a leading global provider of customized microsystem solutions. We are specialized in photonic integrated circuits, micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), and opto-fluidics. Our proprietary silicon nitride technology, TriPleX®, is an ultra-low loss waveguide platform with excellent hybrid integration properties. Structured as a vertically integrated company, we handle chip design, fabrication, assembly, packaging, software, and more, all in scalable production volumes. We offer MPWs with wafers optimized for different applications: in the C-band (1550 nm) for tele- and datacom, near infrared (850 nm) for biosensing and spectrometry, and the visible spectrum (400 – 700 nm) for life science applications.


Our PDK is available in Synopsys and Nazca, with design support and training available on request. Additional services, such as post-fabrication trench etching and glass bonding, as also available. Fiber coupling and electronics can be provided in our Characterization and Packaging Service, allowing you to start testing your PIC right out of the box.