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This section is dedicated to the Design Service and Support provided by Design Houses that offer expert design and full layout services to embed your optical system into a PIC, or design support for your own circuits, to drastically reduce the probability of mistakes and optimize your own layout.

Currently we are working with three expert Design Houses: Bright Photonics, VLC Photonics and Epiphany.
All indicated prices exclude VAT (Value-added-tax).


VLC Photonics is a design house providing photonic integration services. VLC Photonics expertise has been validated over +10 years working with large corporations, small start-ups and researchers, and dozens of designs have been taped-out at all JEPPIX foundries, always advising customers on the most adequate development path and trade-offs.

SupportProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
Basic supportVLC-SUP2000*Design review, layout advice for test and packaging, DRC.
Standard cellVLC-DESstarting at 5500Layout for a single MPW cell using only available building blocks at the foundry PDK. This includes standard DC and optical routing. A GDS file with the cell layout and a pdf design report will be provided afterwards.
Custom cellVLC-Customstarting at 11 000**Specs definition, design and layout for a single MPW cell using both the available building blocks at the foundry PDK, and also new custom blocks that may be needed to implement the required circuit. This includes complex electrical (DC/RF) and optical routing. A GDS file with the cell layout and a pdf design report will be provided afterwards.

* -50% Academic discount is applied /
** For custom design contact:


The mission of BRIGHT Photonics is making photonics IC (PIC) technology accessible to product developers and researchers. Services BRIGHT Photonics offers are based on extensive experience with 20+ foundries, designing 100+ PICs, participating in 20+ MPWs, 100+ design modules installed.

SupportProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
Mask ReviewBP-CHECK495DRC report (design rule checks) with tips on improving your submitted layout.
Layout SupportBP-SUPPORT1595Layout support (by the creator of Nazca Design, Bright Photonics) for one MPW cell. Helps you avoid costly mistakes, helps you navigate PDK technology and provides tips on layout solutions.
Layout Support + PDKBP-SUPPORT-PDK2095BP-CHECK + BP-LAYOUT + PDK and software for multiple users
Custom DesignBP-CUSTOMstarting at 11000Full design service. No software costs. Designs are always tailored to your application needs, including specification and packaging compatibility.
PrototypesBP-PROTOstarting at 14000BP-CUSTOM + packaged device(s), pigtailed and wirebonded.

For custom design contact:


Epiphany offers full design services to meet the needs of clients within the JePPIX ecosystem. With a team of seasoned professionals and a wealth of experience in photonic chip design, Epiphany specializes in delivering innovative and customized solutions to drive the advancement of integrated photonics.

SupportProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
FEASABILITY REVIEWEP-FR10000*Feasibility review for risk analysis and technical feasibility of envisioned functionalities by the customer. Review includes schematic or layout-based design for standard and custom BBs for JePPIX foundries. If applicable/needed, simulation of critical components (e.g. tolerance analysis) and cost-price analysis.
STANDARD CHIP SERVICEEP-SCSstarting at 5000Mask design and layout based on available building blocks and support customer engineers realizing their product ideas. Service goes from basic mask layout ready for production to optical circuit design. If needed, mask layout will be compatible with packaging and a protocol for testing will be developed. Price depends on complexity of the product idea. Mask file will be shared with the customer and IP of the mask design is owned by the customer.
CUSTOM CHIP SERVICEEP-CCSstarting at 10000Includes layout, simulation and documentation of custom building blocks. As new and untested building blocks are included in the circuit, the chance of unexpected effects is increased. Epiphany mitigates risk by thorough simulations and adding test structures of the custom building block.
We offer different IP arrangements from customer exclusive to fully shared. Mask file will be shared with the customer and IP of mask design is owned by the customer.

* Additionally, we offer a  50% reimbursement if design services (EP-SCS or EP-CCS) are ordered consecutively as the functional design was already agreed upon with the customer as port of EP-FR.