Design house Epiphany joins the JePPIX ecosystem

We have taken yet another step in expanding the JePPIX platform and increasing its resilience: photonic design house Epiphany has joined our ecosystem!

The emergence of Twente-based start-up Epiphany in 2023 marks the growth of dedicated photonic chip design houses in the Netherlands. The mission of the young company is clear: facilitate the adoption of integrated photonics technology by helping companies navigate through design software, material platforms, foundries, packaging, and testing. Following this mission, Epiphany will not only support the major indium phosphide, silicon photonics and silicon nitride platforms, but emerging materials as well.

Jörn Epping, CEO of Epiphany

Together, co-founders Jörn Epping and Arjen Bakker leverage more than four decades of experience. Epping started his career in integrated photonics as a PhD Researcher at the University of Twente. Consequently, he worked as an engineer and project manager at LioniX International before holding various senior positions at QuiX Quantum. As CEO of Epiphany, he considers joining JePPIX to be a great opportunity: “Our mission to innovate and make integrated photonics more accessible aligns perfectly with JePPIX. We look forward to working together with the JePPIX partners and leveraging our expertise in design and PDK services to support the ecosystem.”

Arjen Bakker, CTO of Epiphany

Bakker, CTO of Epiphany, has spent half a lifetime in integrated photonics. He was one of five people starting BBV, the world’s first photonics design and software house, in the early 1990s. Well over a decade later, Bakker co-founded Phoenix Software, which was absorbed by EDA giant Synopsys in 2018. After five years at this company, Bakker was excited for yet another entrepreneurial adventure: “Collaborating with JePPIX opens up many opportunities for Epiphany. As I have been involved since its early days with previous companies I founded, we recognize the huge impact JePPIX has made in the ecosystem over the last two decades.”

Eager to know what Epiphany can do for you? Check out their design offer and building block offer.