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Custom Building Blocks by Design Houses

This section is dedicated to Building Blocks provided by Design Houses.

All indicated prices exclude VAT (Value-added-tax).


The BrightAWG design module is one from a series of BrightModules. The BrightAWG generates foundry compatible de-multiplex and filtering building blocks. Beginner or expert, in minutes you design and simulate AWG (arrayed waveguide gratings) layouts based on optical specifications, e.g. wavelength and channel spacing. Tested on 10+ foundries in InP and many other technologies. Highly customizable across foundries and processes. Examples of other modules are BrightMMI, BrightTaper and BrightInterconnect.

ProductProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
AWG BBBP-AWG-MOD750Custom AWG Building Block on any JePPIX platform
MMI BBBP-MMI-MOD450Custom MMI Building Block on any JePPIX platform

For custom design contact:

tuesmartx PDK extension

This PDK contains TU/e extension building blocks for SMART Photonics. Such building blocks are used in the same way as regular building blocks from the foundry. Examples of building blocks provided by tuesmartx are MMI couplers with different splitting ratios, (tunable) lasers and arrayed waveguide gratings. It requires the Nazca (Gen2) MPW PDK from SMART Photonics as provided by Bright photonics. The extension is free of charge for MPW use.



Epiphany offers the layout, simulation and documentation of custom building blocks. As new and untested building blocks are including in the circuit the chance of unexpected effects is increased. Epiphany will mitigate the risk by thorough simulations and adding test structures of the custom building block.

For the custom building blocks, we offer different IP arrangements from customer exclusive to fully shared. The mask file will be shared with the customer and IP of the mask design is owned by the customer.

ProductProduct IDPrice, EURDescription
Custom BBEP-CBBstarting at 2200 for a simple custom MMI to 10,000+ for complex grating structuresDesign of custom building blocks for supported JePPIX foundries. We offer different IP arrangements from customer exclusive to fully shared. Developed building blocks can range from simple directional couplers or multimode interference couplers to more complex grating couplers or arrayed waveguide gratings. Default custom BBs are under non-exclusive license to the customer.