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Unleashing PIC technology

JePPIX brings together the European InP and Triplex photonic integrated circuit (PIC) supply chain as a coherent force to advance and promote PIC technology. We promote and facilitate an open-access, horizontal and generic foundry model that keeps pace with the market, bringing in new users, enabling specialization, and facilitating the supply chain agility we need for new sectors.

As partners, we have confidence in each other’s expertise and the strength of our network. Instead of relying on one great skill or one great company, we combine the skills and expertise of many. We’re using these to expand and accelerate the development of the technology and commercial opportunities.

We identify long-term and long-running challenges which bring value to the community as a whole. The focus is on self-sustaining solutions and methods that enable us to move on to the next big challenge in a timely way. 


Our network of partners is dynamic: we welcome new complementary skills, platforms and expertise. We investigate the different routes of ecosystem development to determine how we grow our community.

JePPIX envisions integrating photonics with other technologies in every device out there. We have created a successful consortium that runs design, testing, packaging and MPW services. Now is the time to scale up.

We believe integrated photonics is essential in realizing our digital future: light-speed, super-efficient, precise and compact.

We believe in the generic process as a foundation to realize our digital future.

We believe in innovating together.

JePPIX community

The JePPIX community includes many researchers and innovators spread across process development, chip fabrication, packaging, software development, design and training and several hundred users and members.

JePPIX empowers users in scaling up their photonic integrated circuit ideas and validating them for commercial production. JePPIX is also active in multiple photonic integration research projects and pilot line activities. There are now four pilot lines with a specific focus on PIC technology in which JePPIX partners are active. Read more about them here.

JePPIX offers multiple training activities, including a two-week course at Eindhoven University of Technology and workshops at conferences. Furthermore, a roadmap is developed on a regular basis, exploring user needs and trends, and elaborating on the future direction of PIC technology.

Do you have an application in mind, and do you want to know more about how we can help? Contact us or meet us at events!