PIC Design

Based on your technical specifications, VLC Photonics can design a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that implements the required functionalities on the target platform.

As a fabless and independent design house, we are skilled at the main photonic materials: IIIV semiconductors (InP and GaAs) and Silicon Photonics (thin and thick SOI, SiO2/PLC, Si3N4/TriPleXTM), combining multiple design frameworks and toolboxes. Moreover, VLC Photonics has developed its own proprietary modules and libraries of functional building blocks, guaranteeing always the best performance and optimal design technology match to minimize risks.

VLC Photonics complies with industry standard design techniques for manufacturability, testability and packaging. Moreover, Customers’ intellectual property will always be confidential and secured, and any IP developed through the integration process can be transferred to Customers on demand.

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PIC Characterization and Test

After fabrication, chips from the corresponding foundry can be fully characterized at VLC Photonics’ facilities. Physical as well as functional characterization is performed on the bare dies to evaluate the design performance and the manufacturing process and tolerances. Our labs include digital and analog testing equipment up to 40 GHz and several multi-probe stations with vertical and lateral coupling setups enclosed in clean vaults.

Eventually, if the PIC is also packaged, VLC Photonics can also provide device level testing of the electrical and optical characteristics and performance. This also includes thermal testing, and if required, environmental test and certification through external partners for specific applications (standard telecoms, space, harsh sensing, etc.).

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