Insights on JePPIX PIC technology


High-Performance InP PIC Technology Development based on a Generic Photonic Integration Foundry

The authors, all from Fraunhofer HHI, have achieved monolithic integration of photodetectors, DFB- and DBR lasers, SOAs, spot-size converters, polarization- rotators and splitters, EAMs, and passive-waveguide devices on InP technology. This generic foundry process provides endless possibilities for PIC designers.

Authors: Francisco M. Soares, Moritz Baier, Tom Gaertner, Mike Feyer, Martin Möhrle, N. Grote, M. Schell

State of the Art of Silicon Nitride Photonics Integration Platforms

Pascual Muñoz, José David Doménech, Carlos Domínguez, Ana Sánchez, Gloria Micó, Luis A. Bru, Daniel Pérez and Daniel Pastor

Foundry developments towards silicon nitride photonics from visible to the mid-infrared

Pascual Muñoz, Paul van Dijk, Douwe Geuzebroek, Michael Geiselmann, Carlos Domínguez, Andim Stassen, José David Doménech, Michael Zervas, Arne Leinse, Chris Roeloffzen, Bernardo Gargallo, Rocío Baños, Juan Fernández, Gloria Micó, Luis A. Bru and Daniel Pastor

Low-Loss Si3N4 TriPleX Optical Waveguides: Technology and Applications Overview

Invited paper from LioniX International on the most recent developments and improvements to the low-loss TriPleX Si3N4 waveguide technology by Chris G. H. Roeloffzen et al.

IEEE JSTQE special issue on Indium Phosphide Integrated Photonics

This special issue includes 19 papers on InP integrated photonics capturing some of the most important recent advances, and providing a reference point for current state of the art.