Synopsys’ PIC Design Suite – photonic integrated circuit design software that includes the OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner tools – offers a seamless PIC design flow from concept to manufacturable design, as well as access to a single, world-class support channel.

The PIC Design Suite’s design, simulation, and mask layout implementation capabilities for PICs provide a modular and synergistic integration towards first-time-right fabrication.

  • OptSim Circuit supports the design and optimization of PIC functionality

  • OptoDesigner has photonic-aware physical layout capabilities to synthesize PIC layouts for fabrication.

  • The PIC Design Suite enables both PDK-driven and custom design, and supports the widest portfolio of foundries offering MPW access. The PIC Design Suite integrates with the RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite, Synopsys HSPICE, and Sentaurus TCAD tools for cohesive, precise simulations of photonic and optoelectronic components and provides co-simulation of electronic and photonic circuits.

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