Current Projects Overview

JePPIX partners are currently actively involved in several projects as detailed below


ACTPHAST 4.0 and ACTPHAST 4Researchers 

ACTPHAST 4.0 (ACceleraTing PHotonics innovAtion for SME’s: a one STop-shop-incubator) is a unique “one-stop-shop rapid prototyping incubator” for supporting photonics innovation by European companies, which is financially supported by the European Commission under Horizon2020 (Grant Agreement No. 779472).

ACTPHAST 4.0 supports and accelerates the innovation capacity of European companies by providing them with direct access to the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities of Europe's leading photonics research centres (the ACTPHAST 4.0 Partners), enabling companies to exploit the tremendous commercial potential of applied photonics. There are 24 research institutes who together make up the ACTPHAST 4.0 Partners.

Together the ACTPHAST 4.0 Partners provide a full spectrum of photonics technology platforms ranging from fibre optics and micro optics, to highly integrated photonic platforms (7 technology platforms in all), with capabilities extending from design through to full system prototyping.

ACTPHAST 4.0 operates as an open call to all European companies (big and small, but particularly targeted at SMEs) so they can avail of timely, cost-effective, and low risk photonics innovation support, and that the extensive range of capabilities within the consortium can impact across a wide range of industrial sectors and application domains, from communications to consumer-related products, and life sciences to industrial manufacturing.

The access to top-level experts and leading photonics technology platforms provided by the ACTPHAST 4.0 consortium is realized through focused innovation projects executed in relatively short timeframes (typically 6-9 months) with a critical mass of suitably qualified companies with high potential product concepts.  The technical innovation support is supplemented by expert business and financial coaching supports to help ensure that the innovation activities are also commercially focused and primed for market success. ACTPHAST 4.0 is closely aligned with the Photonics Pilot Lines and Mass Manufacturing in Europe to seamlessly progress successful prototypes developed through the ACTPHAST 4.0 incubator all the way to large-scale production and market-ready products. In addition, ACTPHAST 4.0 includes Europe Unlimited as a 25th partner in the consortium who run the highly successful TechTour program around Europe each year to match venture capital with high potential start-ups and scale-ups in key technology areas. Together with this partner and in closely collaboration with Photonics21 and the Photonics PPP, ACTPHAST 4.0 will deliver the European Photonics Venture Forum (EPVF) once a year at key locations around Europe to help boost the level of new financial investment sources for photonics innovation by European companies.

As a result of its innovation support activities, ACTPHAST 4.0 is expected to deliver a substantial increase in the revenues and employment numbers of the supported companies by enabling faster time-to-market of new product opportunities and addressing emerging markets where photonics is a key enabling technology. Furthermore, through its extensive outreach activities, ACTPHAST 4.0 will ensure there is an increased level of awareness and understanding across European industries of the technical and commercial potential of photonics, especially amongst first users and "non-photonics" end user industries.

ACTPHAST 4.0 is particularly suited to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who do not have the financial resources to invest in in-house R&D expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, nor to undertake risky innovation projects.  ACTPHAST 4.0 support is heavily subsidized for projects undertaken with SMEs (100% subsidy for the first 30K€ of costs for an innovation project and 75% subsidy for all project costs over 30K€ including follow-on projects with the same company. For large-scale companies, the subsidy is 50% on all project costs).

ACTPHAST 4.0 is designed to provide open access to photonics innovation support for all European companies who meet the eligibility criteria, and we have strict governance structures and systems in place around the key persons responsible for running the program to ensure that ACTPHAST 4.0 remains true to its mission and mandate, and that all decisions are open, transparent and properly accounted for.



ACTPHAST 4R (ACceleraTing PHotonics Deployment viA one STop shop Advanced Technology Access for Researchers)  is a unique one-stop-shop photonics technology access and support center for European researchers which is perfectly aligned with their needs in bridging the gap between fundamental research at TRL1-2 and applied research up to TRL4-5. 

Driven by the deployment ambitions and capabilities of a critical mass of European top-class researchers -in particular non-photonics researchers for whom advanced photonics is a key enabling technology to the realisation of so many exciting and diverse new applications and products, ACTPHAST 4R will directly support the accelerated deployment of existing cutting-edge photonics technologies by providing them with action-oriented solutions on two complementary levels. 

In the first instance, ACTPHAST 4R will provide researchers with one-stop-shop access to the photonics expert expertise and mature technologies of 24 of Europe’s leading competence centers. The photonics technology platform capabilities of ACTPHAST 4R cover the entire integrated supply chain from design to packaging. Through intensive technology coaching, leading to focused innovation projects involving trans-national internships and hands-on working with the advanced photonics technologies at the host institutes, the goal is to turn the researchers’ scientific conceptual breakthroughs into industrially relevant demonstrators. 

In parallel, ACTPHAST 4R will provide researchers with expert business coaching to help foster their entrepreneurial mindset and deployment capabilities, with guidance to pathways for further scaling of their demonstrators and financing of innovation in the industrial domain. Ambitious targets are set for commercial valorisation successes by “star performing” researchers in the form of patents, licensing deals and spin-outs. As a result, ACTPHAST 4R will be a game-changer in strengthening the European innovation ecosystem and improving the cross-fertilisation of photonics with other technology areas.