Project Overview Continued

JePPIX is currently actively involved in several projects as detailed below



This project introduces next generation building blocks into generic integration technology. Challenges addressed include

  • Selective area growth to enable many different band-gap devices to be created on the same chip at the same time and in combination with a rich range of established generic building blocks.
  • Buried hetero-structure active regions for high efficiency and high performance gain blocks which are integrated with the full generic platform
  • High speed modulators and RF circuit engineering on semi-insulating (SI) substrates for the wavelength division multiplexed circuits

The test vehicles to be validated in GETPICS have a particular focus on the design and fabrication of high bit-rate transmitter PICs and WDM chip-scale solutions. This is a Marie-Curie project with partners III-V Lab, Palaiseau and Technical University of Eindhoven.