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Course from October 30th to 10th of November 2017



Please Note: Travel and Accommodation in Eindhoven 

Tuition fees do not include travel and accommodation costs. You must be present in Eindhoven in order to benefit from the training. The city has several hotels and B&B within walking distance of the Science Campus which is located in the city centre. Travel sites, including, Tripadvisor and have extensive listings of properties to suite all budgets. JePPIX has no affiliation with travel companies and cannot get involved in travel and accommodation arrangements.  

Featured Speakers JePPIX training 2017

Featured Speakers JePPIX training 2017

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More Details About JePPIX Training Schemes

The generic integration methodology allows design to be separated from technology. Engineers, researchers and scientists from many different backgrounds are able to create their own designs without needing to know the details of the physical principles of photonic processes, clean room technology, or assembly technology. Some insight into the process of chip production can however be valuable when designers wish to get the most out of generic processes. JePPIX offers training events at several levels:

  • The JePPIX training course: Every year in early November, this two week flag-ship immersion course is held at Eindhoven for designers who have a good background in photonics who wish to understand how to get the best out of design tools and the PIC technology. Experts from the Institute of Photonic Integration (formerly known as the COBRA Institute) are joined by specialist trainers from the Photonic CAD community, professional designers and experts from foundries to share insights and know-how. Students gain first hand clean room experience and a detailed insight into the steps in designing and creating PICs.
  • International designer training events: One week courses are held around the globe at locations where there is particular demand for hands-on PIC design guidance. This is a more design focused event, which contains a high level of practical hands-on design activity and a reduced amount of background material. These are planned in advance with local organizers and expert trainers from JePPIX partners.
  • Short courses: Half day short courses and training events are held at international conferences and events. These courses are typically for 2-3 hours and focus on a part of the JePPIX offer. These events are more focused on the design methods and do not include hands-on training.
  • Forums: Forums and workshops are events where the commercial possibilities, success stories and the latest PIC capabilities are highlighted. These include opportunities to network with the JePPIX community.
Our 10-day PIC design training event is held annually on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology.  This is the NanoLab. 

Our 10-day PIC design training event is held annually on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology.  This is the NanoLab. 

The ten day JePPIX course offers in-depth insights into active and passive component design, design tools and best design practice. In addition, insights into the clean room process technologies, epitaxy, packaging and prototyping are given by international experts in their respective fields. Hands-on activities are part of the course to enable designers to get started with their own designs before completing the course. JePPIX software partners offer dedicated training sessions with their own software tools. Selected materials from this intensive course are also used in the shorter format courses at locations around the world.

Hands on practical training at the Jeppix Training Course in November 2016

Hands on practical training at the Jeppix Training Course in November 2016

Hundreds of designers have already followed these in-depth JePPIX training events.