International JePPIX training Beijing 2018

Location: State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China



For registration and questions send an e-mail to Mr. Dapeng Liu liudapeng@semi.ac.cn 
Subject:training Beijing.

Registration fee student 3500 RMB, regular: 4000 RMB

Join us for 5 days of deep learning about Photonic Integration. The course contains strong blocks of theory and PIC design:

-Processing technologies         -Mode solvers
-Hybrid Integration                  -Packaging fundamentals
-Propagation methods             -Photonic components active and passive
-Software tools                          -Basic concepts layout design
-2 days Design with experts

And more!
This five day JePPIX course offers in-depth insights into active and passive components design, design tools and best design practice. In addition, insights into hybrid technologies, packaging and prototyping are given by international experts. Hands-on activities are part of the course to enable designers to get started with their own designs. JePPIX software partners offer dedicated training sessions with their own software tools. This course is a compilation of selected materials from our annual intensive two week course.