Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration of Components and Circuits


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The Story So Far

JePPIX stands for the Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration of Components and Circuits. The organisation has been extremely successful in bringing the European InP community together as a coherent force dedicated to building a generic foundry technology infrastructure. 

Coordination is of key importance for the success of the generic approach since it requires coordination of the work of many independent businesses spread across process development, chip fabrication, packaging, software development, design and training. The JePPIX platform is presently recognized as the coordinating body by all the key players in the InP­ based foundry approach and it is, therefore, perfectly placed for coordinating future development.

There is a high degree of complementarity between InP technology and low-loss dielectric waveguide technology for a range of applications. Because of the organizational similarity in handling MPW runs, JePPIX is now supporting both InP and TriPleX technology.


Information outreach is an important part of the work of JePPIX

Information outreach is an important part of the work of JePPIX

 JePPIX runs the following activities:

  • Organization of MPW runs on the three foundry processes that are presently available in the platform. It includes supplying the design kits and other design information and handling legal aspects (NDAs and licenses).
  • Education and training. JePPIX organizes yearly trainings in photonic IC design and technology and it is presently expanding its training offer in cooperation with its software partners to offer webinars and workshops.
  • Roadmaps. JePPIX publishes a separate roadmap for technology development, applications develop­ment, cost and market development, education and training, and R&D investments. The roadmap is revised every two years or as needed. These roadmaps are available on this website.
  • User and member platform. JePPIX is building a member group of companies, universities and research organisations to create the technology eco­system and the value chain to reduce entry barriers to ASPICs development. JePPIX provides members with information and support for participation in foundry runs and information on applications for ASPICs. At present the member group numbers more than 250 organisations. A significant portion of the JePPIX membership is formed from industry, both SMEs and larger companies.
  • Outreach activities. JePPIX is actively extending its outreach to SMEs and large companies throughout Europe and worldwide. This activity includes the JePPIX mentoring program as well as scouting and promotional activities at conferences and exhibitions.
  • Regional support centres. JePPIX stimulates the creation and operation of regional support centres worldwide. The centres reach out to potential users,  helping them to find their way on the path to use of ASPICs in their own applications. Support covers  design,  manufacturing and testing of photonic ICs.

JePPIX membership is currently free. For more information about JePPIX or for becoming a member see the membership information on this website. At present JePPIX is legally represented by Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/e). Coordination is performed at the Institute for Photonic Integration in the Flux Building. There is also close cooperation with PhotonDelta

JePPIX is run by a small team, which includes a full-time coordinator. The team reports to the JePPIX partner board, which consists of representatives of the partners that contribute to the technological infrastructure and form the JePPIX eco-system.